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Research Center
in Industrial Technologies CRTI


Technological, corrosion and surface treatment platform

Presentation :
Technology, corrosion and surface treatment platform, is has a very important national interest, since it will be seen not only as technological pole specialized on research but also as a pole technological development of Algerian industries in the field of corrosion and surface treatment .
This platform is based primarily on surface engineering by adopting techniques and recent processes of treatment that require skill and modern technology.
The methods and techniques used in the latter deposits are coatings dry voice is the thermal projection.
This technique involves introducing into a source enthalpy of the material deposit to be prepared in the form of powder or wire.
This platform is constituted by four areas:

  • study and design Space;
  • Projection space;
  • Tasting space and investigation;
  • Preparation space.

Missions :
The missions are presented as follows:

  • Research and development in the field of corrosion and surface treatment dry;
  • Technology transfer disseminating technological knowledge to assist companies in their development projects;
  • Technological innovation and service ensuring an competitive advantage through the creation of added value;
  • Contributions in the solutions of technological problems;
  • Continuing formation for public and economic sectors;
  • Technological provision providing technology services in the range of possible skills;
  • Active participation in the country's economic development.

Objectifs :
The main objectives are:

  • Develop a new coating materials for reliable protection against harmful input;
  • study and optimize the properties of according to local stress surfaces in order to improve and develop solutions for industrial applications;
  • Modeling the different process steps of dry coatings (the conditions for producing the plasma flows, the hot gases and treatment reactors);
  • Determine and optimize various parameters projections entering the dry coating method;
  • Define a projection strategy.

Aplications :
The main applications are:

  • Coating against wear: good abrasion resistance, fatigue and erosion;
  • Protection against corrosion resistance tests represent the industrial environments (chemical and food);Thermal barrier: thermal shock resistance and hot erosion;
  • Coatings electrical properties: obtaining dielectric and conductive properties or RF shielding;
  • Ceramic coatings in the food industry, biomedical and others.