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Mechanical testing laboratory

Mechanical testing laboratory

Presentation :

  • Tensile and Bending Tests :
The tensile test consists to submit a standard specimen to a uniaxial stress until failure to determine the mechanical properties of the material (yield strength, tensile strength, elongation ... etc.).
The bend tests provide a way to evaluate cracking in weld region.
The tests were performed at room temperature using an Instron machine with a capacity of 600 kN assisted by the Bluehill 3 software.

Machine de traction Instron

Eprouvettes destinées aux essais

  • Impact Charpy test :
The impact test is to determine the toughness of material through the measurement of the energy required to break a specimen previously notched.
The laboratory have a HOYTOM 750J / D2M model unit, that can measure impact energies up to 750 Joules, with an impact velocity of 5.4 m/s. This device is equipped with a temperature control unit (range - 85 ° C to + 250 ° C).

Machine de résilience

  • Hardness test :
The test consists in determining the resistance of a material to a penetration force. The penetrator may be spherical, conical or pyramidal geometry according to the type of measuring hardness (Brinell, Vickers or Rockwell).
The laboratory have INNOVATEST hardness testing machine calibrated with forces ranging from 10 to 300 kgf.