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Scientific and technical days on welding (JSTS' 06), on 5th and 6th November, 2006 in Algiers.

Partnership days: research - industry
The Scientific and Technical Research center in Welding and control (CSC) organized on October 22nd , 2013 partnership day.
Research – industry in the field of metallurgy, welding and Nondestructive Testing at the CSC headquarters in Chéraga.
The objective of this demonstration is to popularize the advanced techniques that have been mastered by the CSC and make them available to support the domestic industry. Hence, creating an appropriate climate for effective collaboration between the scientific community and the industrial sector becomes a necessity.
CSC partners who took part in this demonstration are SONATRACH DP HMD, Hassi R' mel, SONELGAZ GRTG Spa, Ministry of National Defense (Directorate of Mechanical Manufacture), ARH (Regulatory agency of Hydrocarbons), Group GICA, SONAHESS, GROUPING SONATRACH AGIP, NAFTAL, METALENG, ETTERKIB, SOMIZ, FERTIAL Arzew, USTHB, Blida and Boumerdes Universities’ representatives.
On this day, the CSC and GICA group signed convention of collaboration in training and expertise fields for providing assistance in NDT and welding areas. It also made partnership agreements with the ARH about training ARH middle managers in the field of welding and NDT by CSC .

In accordance with SCOPUS database, CRTI researchers publish their research work through articles and "Conference papers». These research work consist of more than 46% from the center’s documents which are registered on this database. Engineering, physics, materials science and computer sciences are the most studied fields by the center’s researchers.

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