Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Research Center
in Industrial Technologies CRTI



The CRTI represented by its director Pr. Yahi Mostepha is participating by a high level delegation chaired by Mister the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research« Pr.Tahar Hadjar » who is representing Algeria in the 15th edition of “Science And Technology In Society” forum which is taking place in Kyoto, Japan from October 07th to October 09th, 2018.
This event is an annual meeting with an unprofitable goal, used to be organized in Japan since 2004, with the participation of many experts and world’s leaders in the fields of Science and Technology, Economy and Politics as well as Businessmen in order to find solutions to the technological and environmental problems and difficulties facing the world. By time, this forum has transformed from an annual meeting into a global movement aiming to find humanitarian solutions to build a better future for the nations.