Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Research Centre
in Industrial Technologies CRTI


Department : Scientific and technological activities monitoring


Mrs. BELGACEM Leila Senior Researcher B

Presentation :

This department is responsible for Monitoring and supporting research projects that are conducted by the center’s research divisions.
it is a central structure which is in charge of:
  • Scientific follow and support for research projects.
  • Managing trainings and participating in scientific conferences
  • Monitoring and controlling software development of the scientific equipment
  • Maintaining the IT infrastructure of the center.
  • Establish a mechanism for information security, and keep watch on the evolution of risks.
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Canvas of research projects and realisation forms

Canvas of new research project

Canvas of triennial assessment

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Canvas of annual assessment

Divisions :
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Canvas of individual activity report

Participation in scientific demonstrations / Short duration training course


File of participation in scientific demonstrations
File of return from a training course
File of return from a conference
File of short duration training course


Report of formation :


Application form of candidature for an abroad conference :
Application form of candidature for a conference in Algeria :
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Specification sheet of technological realization :

Specification sheet PTT model of technological realization

List of valuable projects

Technologies spatiales et leurs applications
Valorisation des matières premières et industrie
Technologies industrielles