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Equipe 46 : Electrodes modifiées

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Projets de l'équipe :

1- Synthesis and Study of Properties of Novel Modified Electrode Materials Applied to Analytical Electrochemistry

Conducting polymers are very promising materials for many technological applications because of their conductivity and their electroactivity.

The insertion of metal particles within the films of these polymers enables the development of composite materials (metal particles-conducting polymer). The applications of these composites are potential, mainly concerning catalytic materials, the implementation of electronic components, electrochemical sensors, the active layers in storage and electrochemical energy conversion devices, etc. These materials combine the properties of each component and often acquire new properties.

Several physical and chemical methods are commonly used to prepare thin films of conducting polymers. Among these methods, electrodeposition seems to be the most interesting because, besides its easy experimentation and low cost, it offers the advantage to study the first steps involved in the polymerization process, and the control over the thickness and morphology by controlling certain parameters such as current, applied potential, deposition time, the pH and the composition of the solution, etc.

This research aims to develop by electrodeposition method new modified electrodes based on a semiconductor substrate (silicon or glass ITO) modified by a film of polypyrrole (PPy), polyaniline (PAni) or polythiophene (PT), and containing metal particles of silver, copper or palladium. The prepared electrodes will be applied in the field of electrocatalysis and electrochemical sensors. In order to obtain an enhanced sensitivity and selectivity of the electrodes, we consider to study the influence of the deposition parameters on morphological and structural properties of the composite films aiming to increase significantly their catalytic performance, and thus to realize an efficient analysis tool for the detection of different chemical or biochemical substances.

2- Elaboration et Etude des Propriétés de Nouveaux Matériaux d'Electrodes Modifiées Appliquées à l'Electrochimie Analytique

Les polymères conducteurs sont des matériaux très prometteurs pour de nombreuses applications technologiques en raison de leurs conductivités et leurs électroactivités.

L'insertion de particules métalliques dans les films de...Lire la suite

Productions scientifiques :


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