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Equipe 32 : Maintenance industrielle

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Projets de l'équipe :

1- Monitoring of faults in Electro-Energy Systems based on Artificial Intelligence

Monitoring and fault detection have become necessary or even required in most industrial sectors. They consist in physical signals measuring on the electro-energy systems as well as rotating and static machines, static inverters, and then analyze, to diagnosis the status of system function. This approach helps to guarantee the safety of equipments and operators, to respect environmental constraints, optimized the time of maintenance and ensure the availability of electrical systems. So this approach limits the untimely breakdown and therefore provides the estimable performance of production.

This project aims to offer intelligent systems for monitoring and fault detection for locating, detecting, and classification of faults in rotating machines, static converters, static machines and such industrial installations in general. Intelligent systems previously developed all have the same characteristic: they required the establishment of a complex process for their using and function.

The proposed architecture for the intelligent system of detection is designed for most ease configuration and usage to minimize the costs associated with it. In order to facilitate development of detection algorithms and electro-energy models system, we first focus our work on the MATLAB/ Simulink software used to define the functional behavior of these systems and to test the efficacy of detection algorithms to be developed. Then we validate these models by experimental at our research laboratory, using currently available equipment such as the DSpace cards that will be used as a control interface and acquisitions of real time data.

2- Surveillance à Base de l’Intelligence Artificielle des Défauts dans les Systèmes Electro-Energétiques

La surveillance et la détection des défauts sont devenues nécessaires voire même obligation dans

la plupart des secteurs industriels. Ils consistent à mesurer des signaux physiques sur les systèmesélectro-énergétiques nota...Lire la suite

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