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Equipe 31 : Mécatronique

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Attaché de Recherche

Projets de l'équipe :

1- Modelling and control by metaheuristics of automatic systems

In this project, the problems directly related to automatic systems (robotic systems) will be addressed.We focuses on the robot-robot cooperation.In the first phase we are interested the development of systems models are studying based on the optimization methods called metaheuristics.The second phase consists of applying the methods of control adequate to the studied systems. For this, graphical user interfaces will be developed to ensure interaction Man-machine and other control algorithms will be implemented in the control circuits to act directly on the actuator systems whose main purpose is to perform specific tasks.These algorithms will be based on the: classical and fractional PID control, predictive control, fuzzy logic, optimization metaheuristics.In an industrial environment, the performance of certain task is difficult due to space constraints, dynamic environment, and so on ... For this, in this project we propose the use of a set of robot to perform operations requested.Therefore, control algorithms will be developed to ensure cooperation between the robot swarm. These algorithms must determine the best decision in a reasonable calculation time.

2- Modélisation et commande par métaheuristiques des systèmes automatisés

Dans ce projet, les problèmes liés directement aux systèmes automatisés (systèmes robotisés) vont être abordés. On se focalisera sur la coopération robot-robot. &nb...Lire la suite

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