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Team 29 : Valorisation of Ceramaics

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Team project :

1- Development of industrial products from local ceramic materials

Non-metallic materials ceramic type has grown considerably in recent years because of their good mechanical properties, thermal and dielectric. They can be used in various fields, such as, construction, public works, electronics, etc. This project involves the upgrading of local raw materials (diatomite, kaolin, sand, recycled bricks, etc.) through the development of new products that you ceramic membranes diatomite for filtration, insulation bricks thermal, drug vectors, etc. Morphological characterizations, structural, thermal and mechanical are made by scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, Raman, FTIR, DSC, DTA / TGA, dilatometry and mechanical tests. The correlation development of the products parameters, mechanical and thermal properties will be studied in order to achieve products that meet international standards and cost. Algeria is a country with natural minerals cheaply and abundantly available (kaolin, dolomite, calcite, diatomaceous earth) and which are not used. Our job is to develop these materials and by-products, in identifiers by different techniques of analysis and find their industrial applications large or small scale. Ceramic products are extremely interesting in the field of membranes due to their high chemical and mechanical stability. Their use is related to the lower cost of production, hence the need to steer current research toward using lower cost materials to the development of ceramic-based membranes having porosity characteristics in standards.

Scientific output :


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