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Team 14 : Preparation and characterization of nanostructured materials

Team leader :

Research Assistant

Team members :

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Research Assistant
Research Assistant

Team project :

1- Nondestructive evaluation of nanomaterials and composites particles

Nanomaterials and composites particles experiencing a growing interest in many technological areas, due to their often more interesting properties than those of conventional materials.

In approaching the nanoscale, materials acquire specific properties; optical, electrical, mechanical and magnetic.

The scope of nanomaterials is almost limitless and research efforts are increasing more and more.

Composites and nanocomposites particulate reinforcement consist of a matrix in which are dispersed in an almost homogenous, micro or nano particles.

One can basically distinguish organic matrix composites, metal and ceramic.

The synthesis of these materials is available by a variety of preparation methods, mechanical, chemical and physical.

The objective of this project is:


-          The use of non-destructive methods for the control and characterization of nanomaterials and composite particles;

-          The microstructural characterization of these materials

-          Optimizing of properties of these materials for various applicati

Scientific output :


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