Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Research Center
in Industrial Technologies CRTI


Division of structures and devices


Director of the division Mr. NEZZARI Hassene Senior Researcher B

Missions :

The main tasks of this division are:
  • Actively contribute to the production of scientific knowledge and technological development in the field of bulk materials and thin films;
  • Collaborate with external partners in systematic activities with building on the knowledge gained from applied research and practical experience;
  • Installation of devices and experimental setups for the development of thin films;
  • Electrochemical Synthesis and functionalization of new materials in thin layers;
  • Development of devices and materials for applied electrochemistry;
  • Using techniques adapted to the elementary characterization, physicochemical and vibrational (for elastic waves) of thin films;
  • Elaboration of composite thin films;
  • Master of the modeling and simulation tools for investigate the physical properties of thin layers;
  • Promotion and dissemination of results.