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Research Center
in Industrial Technologies CRTI


Mechanical testing laboratory

Presentation :
This laboratory is accredited ISO/IEC 17025 for tensile testing and bending on the metallic materials. See Technical Appendix for details

  • Determination of the mechanical properties of metallic materials and control compliance
  • control of mechanical properties of steel products
Test Equipment
  • Universal tensile testing machine with a capacity of 100KN Zwick 1476 series
  • Universal tensile testing machine with a capacity of 600KN ZWICK MFL.
  • Pendulum KARL FRANK 53580.
  • Hardness Universal KARL FRANZ 38532 .
  • Micro hardness MXT-70.
Preparation Equipments
  • Band sawing machine.
  • Mechanical Reciprocating Saw.
  • Vertical Chainsaw.
  • Milling.machine
  • Lathe machine.
  • Bench grinding machine
  • Broaching notch.
  • Flat face grinding.
Measuring instruments.
  • Caliper.
  • Micrometer.
  • Ruler.
  • Thermometer.
  • Hygrometer.
Tests performed:
  • Tensile test at room temperature.
  • Bending.
  • Unbending.
  • Fractutre test.
  • Impact test.
  • Flattening test.
  • Hardness, micro hardness.
Objects tested:
  • Alloy and non Alloy steels.
  • Stainless steels, cast irons./
  • Aluminium and Aluminium alloys, Copper, Nickel and alloys.
  • Sheet and strip.
  • wire and profiled bars.
  • Forgings, castings.
  • Test specimens taken from welded assemblies.
  • Metallic materials on welded assemblies.

Tensile testing machine 600KN ZWICK / Tensile testing machine 100KN ZWICK

Bending machine.