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Team 41 : Measurement, Control and Regulation

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Team projects :

1- Contrôle qualité des produits sidérurgiques par vision industrielle

Actuellement,  le contrôle qualité des produits sidérurgiques est un axe fondamental de développement et de recherch...Read more

2- Quality control of steel products by industrial vision

Currently, the quality control of steel products is a fundamental axis of development and industrial research because its purpose is to know the state of the steel products without stopping the production line which allows detecting the dev...Read more

Scientific output :


Adel Boudiaf . Abdelkrim Moussaoui . Amine Dahane . Issam Atoui, A Comparative Study of Various Methodsof Bearing Faults Diagnosis Using the CaseWestern Reserve University Data., Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention , Volume 16 , Issue 2 , 2016 , pp 271-284.
A. Boudiaf, S. Bouhouche, A.k. Moussaoui, T. Samira, An Effective Method for Bearing Faults diagnosis, Control, Engineering & Information Technology (CEIT) , Volume 1 , Issue 1 , 2015 , pp 1-6.
Bouhouche Salah, Ziani Slimane, Mentouri Zoheir, Bast Jurgen, Uncertainty estimation of mechanical testing properties using sensitivity analysis and stochastic modelling, Measurement , Volume 62 , 2015 , pp 149-154.


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Sofiane Boulkroune, Mohamed Chaour, Mounira Bourebia, Djoubeir Debbah, M.tayeb Abed ghars, kahalerras Mounir, Numerical study of heat transfer in a multilayer wall, 2ÈME CONFÉRENCE INTERNATIONALE SUR L’ÉNERGÉTIQUE APPLIQUÉE ET LA POLLUTION (CIEAP’2014) , 2014.